Hi there, welcome to my Blog. We'll it isn't really a blog just yet, for now it is just an example of how to render markdown files in Deno Fresh. If you're interested, you can find the source code here.

You might have also noticed that it's a blatant copy of the Deno Fresh Website, which awesomely happens to be fully open source, so a big thank you to the Deno Fresh authors!

I haven't written any personal blogs in a while, so I'd recommend that you check out the Showcase section instead, which is a collection of my more recent work at Supabase and previously at Stripe, luckily many of them are open-source \o/

I've also added the blogposts from my previous Gatsby site (ohh those were the times :D) just for completeness sake and because every once in a while someone aks for the story of how I moved to Singapore. You can find them in the archive section below.

But for now, enjoy this little site and come find me over on Twitter for more frequent updates.